Become an Expert in Token Engineering

Learn about the latest types of tokens, token building blocks and decentralized application design patterns.

Understand Token Engineering


Where does token engineering fit in the blockchain network and cryptocurrency technology stack? What are the tools available? Learn about the latest types of tokens, token building blocks, decentralized application design patterns and data structures in this emerging domain.


Your instructor, Matt Lockyer, will guide you right up to the bleeding edge of token engineering and design research.

TIME 4 Weeks
Office hours on Discord (Our Community)

What’s in the Token Engineering Accelerated Program?


Game theory and mechanism design


Where does it fit in the blockchain / crypto stack?


What are the tools available? 


Programming digital scarcity 


Week 1


  • Brief history of money, trade and exchange networks 
  • Intermediaries and counterparty risks 
  • What is token engineering? 
  • Game theory and mechanism design 
  • Where does it fit in the blockchain / crypto stack? 
  • What are the tools available? 
  • Examining blockchain networks
  • Dimensions of decentralization 
  • Economic limits of particular networks
Week 2


  • Programming digital scarcity
  • Types of tokens 
  • Financial
  • Work
  • Assets (NFTs/LETs)
  • From Ethereum / Solidity tokens, to real economic value
  • Programming scarcity
  • Units and datatypes
  • Interfaces and representation 
Week 3

Token Building Blocks

  • Higher order tokens
  • Popular examples
  • Designing token based data structures
  • Rules and access control
Week 4


  • How to evaluate token engineering and mechanism design
  • Design space exploration 
  • Attack vectors
  • Economic banding: defining upper bounds 
Instructor Matt Lockyer Matt Lockyer is an active developer, write and strategist in the blockchain ecosystem. He wrote the Ethereum ERC-998 standard for Composable Tokens and his article on Token Curated Registries (TCRs) was published in a16z's crypto canon reading list. Matt founded and operates the NFTy Magicians - a group of over 300 blockchain developers - in addition to helping organize several events as a pendant to the Ethereum Foundation. He currently educates Enterprise innovation labs and startups on technical architectures and token engineering processes. Twitter

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Due to the nature of our program, it will not be suitable for every applicant. Therefore not every applicant will be accepted into the program. We are not doing this to be mean, but we only want to save you time, money and frustrations. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you have some kind of prior programming basics, whether thats javascript, python, or something else.

We are also limiting the spots in the program to 20 people this semester. We do this in order to make sure every student succeeds in the program. Course starts in 2019.

Yes, you should have some basic programming knowledge before taking this course

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