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Become an Expert in Security Token Offering

This course will cover all major steps of Security Token Offering Launch

Understand Security Tokens


Whether you are a professional who is curious about Security Tokens or entrepreneur looking to launch your own security Token, this course will help you understand everything about the process


Your Instructor, Haseeb Awan will cover do’s, don’ts, best practices & pitfall of the process.

TIME 4 Weeks
CERTIFICATION Certificate of Completion verified on Ethereum blockchain (ERC-721 NF token)

What’s in Security Token Master Course?


Opportunities in Security Token Offering


Step by step process to launch an STO


Do’s & Don’ts . Pitfalls of the process


Digital Economies & role of STOs


Week 1


  • Opportunity
  • Token Velocity
  • Designing a token Model
Week 2

Capital Raise

  • 6 Steps of conducting a STO
  • Resources required for STO
Week 3

Launching/Invest in an STO

  • Best Practises
  • Pitfalls to avoid in launching an STO
  • Common Mistakes
  • Digital Economy
  • Road to 100 Trillion Token Economy
  • Designing Token Economy
  • How to get ahead of the game
Instructor Haseeb Awan Haseeb Awan has been working in the blockchain space for 7 years & has invested in over 30 companies, advising 10 companies. He is a Y-Combinator Alumni, has helped raise over 100M in venture capital & has been included among the top 100 influential people in FinTech. He is an Engineer by degree & has studied Financial Markets from Yale University. He frequently speaks internationally on blockchain, is mentioned in top media outlets & has advised governments & top projects in the industry. He blogs at Twitter

Bonus Material Included


Video Lessons with subtitles

Weekly quizzes

Weekly readings and projects

Receive a personal certification that will identify you as a Blockgeeks verified blockchain professional

Is This Program for You?

This isn’t replacement for a professional legal or financial advise but more of a crash course for professionals who want to understand Security Token Offerings. No prior technical, legal or financial knowledge required for the course.


No, this program was made specifically for non-technical people.

The program costs $97

Upon completetion of the program, you get a non-fungible personalized token proving you're a verified Blockgeeks pro if you pass all projects.

Yes, Blockgeeks Alumni receive 20% discounts and special access to additional content and events.

No. Everything you need for the program is provided.

There are absolutely no contracts with Blockgeeks. You can cancel or pause your account at any time.

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