zos update not a command??

Haseeb –  At around 28:00 into the video, you execute:

$ zos update CoolApp –network local.

With that command line, I’m getting an error that says ‘Invalid command.”  The –help option indicates that there is no “upgrade” command but, rather, an “update” command.  When substituting “update” for “upgrade,” I get the correct output as shown in the video.

Am I using the right “zos” library and/or how did your command work in the video?

Best answer

Niloo Ravaei
Niloo Ravaei
Hi Ben, 

You are using the correct command. It is possible for these libraries, which are updated very rapidly to make some changes to their command structures in newer versions. 

We will definitely look over this lesson and update it to the current commands. Thanks for noticing!