David Bainbridge

Why was this lecture even published?

The presenter makes errors in this presentation that are really basic – like the alphabet. He uses the Caesar Cipher and generates KHQQR from HELLO. Shifting 3 characters up, this is just plain wrong. It should be KHOOR.The error is in the notes for the lecture as well. He then goes on to completely mangle the ‘Hello World’ example. There was obviously someone else in the room, and they apparently do not know their alphabet either!!

The rest of the lecture varies in quality and some of the facts about Bletchley Park are badly formed and explained. This brings into doubt the quality of the whole course. So do you have any quality control? It would be good to know before I end my free trial…..


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    bhaneeta chadha

    Hi David!
    The quality of our courses is our highest priority and we thank you for bringing this to our attention.
    Before you think about canceling your free trial be sure to check out our Blockchain fundamental course Cryptoeconomic-101

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