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Benji Andrews

Hello,I am an entrepreneur in the U.S. learning about blockchain on a conceptual level. In th enear future I would like to partner with a developer and change the world! But more importantly I hope to learn and contribute with this community -Benji


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    Nirjhar Tiwari

    Hi,This is Nirjhar  from India,I am a   Senior Developer, I was working in IT industry from past 6 years , my skills includes : C#, Windows, Javascript, Angular 2/4 , ReactJs.  Thanks,Nirjhar Tiwari

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    Jeremy Ovia

    Hi Jeremy here.  I’ve been in the IT industry professionally for around 5 years and work mostly on server side & networking infrastructure.  I do also have a working programming knowledge in Front-End dev and a bit of back-end.  I guess i’m looking to try my hand at a new industry and see where this journey takes me.CheersJeremy

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    ameer Rosic

    Welcome @Jeremy! 

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    Kolade AKOSILE

    I am Akosile olugbenga I have been a banker for 12years in my country Nigeria, I want to understand what block chain technology is all about and to understand what I can contribute to the banking industry in my country. I have learnt thus far that block chain technology has come to stay and it is the future.

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    Tamil Murugesan

    Hi there, I’m Tamil Murugesan. Basically I’m UNIX/LINUX admin, but i ran small web development company for 6 years. Now it comes to an end, I’m trying to find a way to have a break again. Hope learning Blockchain will make that happen.ThanksTamil 

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    John Crockett

    Hi everyone,I’m John Crockett, Co-founder and COO of Blockchain Consultants, Inc. (BCI).  I have a 38 year career in IT/IS Management mostly at the C-level, and have been involved in crypto/blockchain since 2009.  BCI assists clients in building disruptive new workflows made possible by blockchain tech.

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    Zephirin Djoufack Tansaa

    Hi dears, I’m Zeph! Teacher, I’m proposing to create a group of Blockchain developers in Cameroon. We are facing a financial difficulties mainly on paying our trainings program on blockgeeks platform.May you know an organism that can give us a hand through scholarships?Best regards

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    Bhavin Sen
    Bhavin Sen

    Hello There,My self is Bhavin Sen and I have more than five years of experience in Full Stack developing. Currently, I am working as Freelancer full stack developer. As I have left my past job to new challenges and opportunity. Thanks

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    My name is John M Robinson and, I am the owner or e-Wave Exploration, L.P. (e-Wave) and RARE Technology (RARE). e-Wave is an O&G exploration company and RARE is a novel geophysical company with 18 patents.I need advise and assistance in the formation of an ICO for funding of both companies. Are you interested in assisting my efforts?  

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    I am Steve Sussman. I am a C-level consultant with 35 years in spend management including IT at CSC, TCS, D&B and Ariba. I program in Python and Tensorflow (level5) and have operational / concept knowledge of BitCoin and Blockchain. I intend to apply Blockchain to spend management and supply chain (standard and IoT) (go to market strategy and ops).  My programming skills were invested to help develop a better understanding where B/Chain and play in the procurement and supply chain space.

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    Desia Yamese Clements Lewis
    Desia Yamese Clements Lewis

    Greetings, I am Desia Yamese Clements Lewis, and a new developer with determined interest to partner and collaborate with other brilliant minds. I enjoy research, connecting the dots to the source, creating bonds with all nationalities, creating innovative ways to build opulent solutions to common problems. Being fortunate to live in the era of IoT . Being able to finally be amongst proactive thinkers seeking teamwork with integrity is valuable. Therefore I am no longer a lone ranger (lol). The motivation behind being here is due to unique projects  that require selective masterminds for sustainable growth for launch. The concept behind Block Chain  is irrefutable. Not only to stakeholders, shareholders, but to consumers as well. We are the blue prints that are vital (and for a long time overlooked by many large companies) to beautiful architectural structures. Being a benefactor and contributing asset of flourishing economies. ..Freaking Awesome

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    Cyril Attie

    Hi everyone! My name is Cyril. I studied monetary economics and would like to learn web and blockchain development. 

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    Hi…My name is Monika. I am a .net developer. RecentlyI gave saw few tutorials on Blockchain and got interested in this technology. I would like to upgrade my skills in this technology and need guidance for the same. Thanks

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    Desia Yamese Clements Lewis
    Desia Yamese Clements Lewis

    hello I created a consortium, North American Consumer Lottery Association. If anyone is interested in bringing Powerball, Mega Millions, Cash3, ect on Block Chain please contact me

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    Gopalan Iyer
    Gopalan Iyer

    Hi – I am a supply chain Director and working for past 30 years in Silicon Valley. My interest is how to leverage Block-chain technology  in Supply Chain  in :  Supply base  , material pipeline database view , Forward / reverse logistics  , lot-tracking among others. I would like to work with Developers and users in this area .

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    Wisdom Korli

    I am Wisdom Korli. A high school graduate. I work currently as a teacher

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    Marc Strozenski

    Hi I’m marc strozenskiI have almost no IT expI’ve been in management and sales for over 20 years .  I want to explore my options with Blockchain and crypto I know I have much to learn and the resources here are extremely helpfulI look forward to the ongoing updates and education 

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    Max Goodman

    Hello all, I’m a current Flatiron School student graduating very soon who caught the blockchain bug a couple of weeks ago. I’ve built a couple of Dapps before. I’m here to learn how to design and build Dapps for an idea I have for creating a donor-powered Airbnb for those experiencing housing instability. My background is in International Social Entrepreneurship. I’ll be applying to an accelerator in SF soon and would love some feedback on my application, which may or may not include a white paper. Anyone interested? Please DM me or email me at max.goodman@flatironschool.com. I’d love to connect with other like-minded folks who are excited about the future of blockchain and the decentralized web.  Looking forward to learning more! All the Best,Maxtwitter: @maxgrokblog: maxgrok.netlify.com

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    Samuel Brooks

    Hi my name is Samuel C Brooks I am a family man and like to invest but still trying to figure this out.

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    Lancelot Gerawa

    Hi I’m Lancelot. I’m an IT professional from Papua New Guinea or have been for the past 6 years within the realm of Server Support, Systems Administration and Networking.  I actually found BlockGeeks after I went through the Consensys site looking for resources about blockchain. Anyway Im really interested to learn how to develop and more about blockchain (really all the knowledge Ive had is about a couple of days of non-stop reading of white papers and whatever has been posted on BlockGeeks about Blockchain and Cryptoeconomics). I believe blockchain is the key to bridging the gap technologically for developing countries and have a general idea of what I would like to achieve with blockchain and ethereum inparticular. Which basically is to improve the livelihood of rural Papua New Guineas by giving them the ability to earn and have the power to purchase. But again Im pretty new so Ive given myself a couple of months to atleast grasp the idea aswell as delve development and think this would be the perfect space to do it. More than happy to connect with like-minded people. twitter: @lancelot_gerawa

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    Olivia Müller

    Hi Blockgeeks community!I’m Olivia from Switzerland. I’m a Softwareengineer and wan’t to learn more about blockchains. I think  this concept is as simple as it is ingenious and will change our future for sure.I am looking forward to connect to you.

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    Johnny Largin

    Hello Blockgeeks!Working in the IT industry for the past 19 years, I’ve acquired software and database programming skills in different languages and platforms. I’m investigating practical use cases for blockchain technology.  I plan on helping clients design, build and implement business solutions that leverage blockchain. 

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    Johnny Largin

    Nice to meet you all. Looking forward to learning and sharing with you.

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    Hello Blockgeeks community…I am a Technical Sales VP from the East Coast USA. I integrate blockchain solutions to fit customers needs during cloud migration processes as well as stand alone or on premises solutions. I also put together technical teams to fit the project requirements as well as provide training and presentations for pre and post sales insentives.

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    Andrei Tara

    Hi everyone!  great to be part of this community!  I am Andrei, I have 10 years of hands on experience on software architectures and development of complex, scalable and data intensive systems. Eversince the blockchain revolution began, I’ve got attracted by the technical challenges and opportunities that emerged out of this context. As a system architect and lead developer I’ve contributed to an architecture that aims to solve the blockchain scalability challenge and prepare for business integration.I am opened to get in contact and do business with like minded people who are prepared to shape the future and make a better world. 

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    Sayeed Ahmed

    Hi. I am a cofounder in a very early stage Fintech startup, based out of Silicon Valley and Mexico City, called SmarterContraX. I would like to learn how to architect Blockchain based DApps, as well as get my hands dirty with developing smart contracts for some projects that I am working on. Sayeed.

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    Aruna G

    HI I am Aruna from India….As am a software developer with 1+yr experience…..m I eligible to study block chain

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    troy underwood
    troy underwood

    hello my name is Troy Underwood I’m 33 years old looking to advance myself in a field I have room to advance and grow I hope I can be a good asset to the company that you for the opportunity to grow with all you .

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    Ramsey Zimmerman

    Hey folks,I’m Ramsey.  I have 20+ years of experience in nonprofit program management and management consulting.  I’m fascinated by blockchain and Ethereum and the potential that they have to transform how business works on the internet.  I’m interested in community sustainability and curious if Ethereum could one day be used as a platform for elections.  If anyone would like to chat, please reach out to me!  Thanks.

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    Kelvin Egbele

    hello.i’m kelvin from Nigeria, a fresh graduate. i have no idea on block chain and would love to build my skills in it

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    Gayu Gayathri
    Gayu Gayathri

    Hello,I’m Gayathri from India,a building engineer.i have a little bit idea about block chain and i want to become a block chain developer.

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    Behrad Khodayar

    Hi fellow Blockgeekers,This is Behrad Khodayar, A Senior fullstack web engineer & entrepreneur from Iran. I used to develop projects on LAMP stack, But, I’ve been into decentralized world whole past year. So far, I’ve developed some blockchain projects & currently I’m working as a blockchain engineer & educator here in Tehran, Iran.I appreciate the great job by Blockgeeks & My main purpose being here is to participate in hackathons(Bounty One) occasionally.Dear Blockgeek staff,Keep up the great work,I’m also open to any kind of contribution on your open source products :-)Warm Regards 🙂

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    Rick Ros

    Hi everyone!First of all, very nice to join Blockgeeks, keep up the good work! By joining this platform i hope to extend my network, learn more everyday and share information with blockchain enthusiasts. Puropose is to introduce our blockchain and get feedback on this by experienced developers and integrators.My name is Rick Ros from LegalThings One. We are a Blockchain for decentralized workflows. LegalThings One is a platform that creates and runs workflows called “Live Contracts ” in organizational virtual private clouds, called nodes. Each Live Contract creates its own miniature private blockchain within a node that is only shared with the participants involved. All parties can participate using their own system. The data is shared and secured in a decentralized way between the LegalThings One nodes involved in the process.By modelling organizational workflows as Finite State Machines, Live Contracts can be understood by humans as well as computers, ensuring easy integration in organizations. Do you easily want to integrate blockchain in your own application? Use our Community Node, we created a decentralized workflow engine which is available for free. Our nodes are already used by several ministries and multinationals. Check www.legalthings.one or contact me (rick.ros@legalthings.io) for more info or specs. Really curious what you think about our solution. 

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    Sebastian Eldh

    Hello, i am Sebastian from Sweden. I have no formal degree but i am very interested in human and AI psychology and how they work togheter. My end goal is to find a metod to create a optimal solution for every problem in every field of work. Hehe i know it sounds a bit crazy but hey, it should be the interest for every human since you then can spend all your time for free 😉

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    Jon Fox

    Hi Jon Fox here,I’m new to the programming and Dev world I do a little bit of trading with different Alt Coins as well as Bitcoin and Ether. I’m looking to learn about the technical part of cyrpto smart contracts as well as block chain, in hopes to be able to make a career out of it. I know that the future is block chain and smart contracts that’s why I want to learn how to code, program and develop cause it will be a great fun and stable career.                          Thank You,                          Blockgeeks

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    Gabriella Nichols

    Hi everyone! I’m Gabriella Nichols or just Gab. I’m curious about technology but until now I don´t work with nor have courses of it. I research IoT and cybersecurity at Naval War College in Rio de Janeiro because I really like it. I pretend be a specialist in cyber policy and cyber international relations because I have a bachelor in IR and I´m finishing a law bachelor. I pretend to work with technology regulation, policies and security because Brazil need people who know about. Also, I pretend study the applications of blockchain in the defense industry as a doctorate but in Brazil is very difficult to find courses of it that aren´t about computer science or only technology. For now, I´m self-learn thanks to Google, Youtube and some great Institutes wich launch courses online for free! I´m just a common redhaired kind of nerd 30 years girl… 😉 

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    Andrej Rakic

    Hi everyone,I am Andrej from Serbia and I am a 21 year old computer science student. I got in the touch with the blockchain technology for the first time at mine college’s StartUp Center and since then I am so into learning and exploring it. My skills includes: C++, C#, Java. Nice to meet you all, looking forward to learn with you. All the best!instagram: @andrej_rakic

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    Lori Block

    Hello. I joined to learn how to code.  I want to apply this technology to a few industries that need to speed up their chain of title research by 1000 %.  Transfer agent s and The oil industry.

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    Gareth Boytt

    HI;  My name is Gareth Boytt. we are developing the worlds first globally roaming personal profile for the travel and hotel industry. We are looking at investment at present and not being a techo person i am wanting to have a better understanding of blockchain and how i can integrate it into our platform  www.ariki.global . 

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    Sameep Singhania

    HiSameep this side. I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I have been working a as software developer since last 6 years. Recently since last 1 year I have been working as a Freelance Blockchain Developer & Consultant. My expereince in Blockchain is quite good and have been working in this industry for last 2 years.My expertis lies in designing and developing smart contracts. Recently I am working with Openbazaar to help them integrate Ethereum and Smart contracts into their system.

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    Ron Woodward

    Hello, I am Ron. I am building Eco Bungalows in Vanuatu and I wish to raise funds through Blockchain Crowdfunding and am wading through the tutorial here…https://medium.com/@vovakuzmenkov/full-stack-crowdfunding-smart-contract-development-15ed139cde06.  I would welcome any constructive suggestions.

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    Sai Sree Inavalli

    Hello,I am Sai Sree from India. I am doing my bachelors degree in computer science. I am new to block chain and i want to develop a basic smart contract. I hope I could get some suggestions.Thank you 

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    Muhamed-Kanapiya Zhaksylyk

    Hello I am Muhamed-Kanapiya from Kazakhstan, Astana. Now i am working on my own ICO listing qazaqbiz.info

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    Haolin Xiao

    Hi all, my name’s Hao and I’m an Actuarial Graduate. But I’m also a rookie to block chain so any knowledge of block chain is welcome. Thanks

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    Raul E. Gracia Rivera
    Raul E. Gracia Rivera

    Hello I am Raul Gracia from Puerto Rico. I was a computer science and now i learn by myself i study many things but this new technology i’m very interested to learn and make new things with this. Now i’m barista and make a lot of coffee :). I hope learn a lot and make big things with this i hope you people help me with this :).  

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    Khadeer Akbar

    Hi everyone, I am Mohammad Khadeer Akbar, from India, working on Business Analytics, using R, Python, Excel; mysql, Oracle, SQL Server database for 4+ years.  I am working on Accounts and Finance, Construction domains. I am slowly entering into blockchain technology. Blockgeeks’ training is making me more confident as well as enthusiastic about blockchain technology. The training course is organized excellent. This course is useful for all types of IT Professionals technical as well as non-technical. I joined blockgeeks to upgrade myself, as well as for doing blockchain projects. Warm Regards,M Khadeer Abkar 

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    Gilbert Brown

    Hello all – I’m Gil Brown from Maryland. I am a hands-on CTO with over 20 years in the IT industry and we are building out a potential Blockchain division for possible future growth. Along with reading the excellent Blockgeek tutorials, we are researching and prototyping business use cases for the Ethereum platform and the Fabric platform that require Smart Contracts. We also hope to (along with help of Blockgeeks enthusiasts) to put to rest what consortium may have the best platform and how to best convey trust from a digital perspective.

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    Edgar Cooksey

    Tommy CookseyI’ve been teaching Computing and technology for over 20 years.  Blockgeeks is the most cost effective and comprehensive Blockchain training I’ve found!  Thanks for providing such a great resource for centralized knowledge on such a difficult topic!  I’m responsible for creating training and certification materials for the Dragonchain Platform.  

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    Michael Smith

    Hello,I’m Michael. I live in Virginia. I have been involved in IT for 20 years. Mainly hardware. Currently I am a network scaling technician.  

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    Ronnie Mkandla

    Hello all,I am Ronnie Mkandla, entrepreneur and founder of Nino Affiliates (Pty) Ltd trading as Ferris Fin an insurance services company based in South Africa. My main interest in learning about blockchain is that I hope to be able to use a transparent system and eliminate counterparties in the business model that we use so that we can be able to offer clients cost effective products/services. Using a platform that can allow transacting across the globe with ease seems the obvious thing to do.

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    Myan Dev

    Hello I am Hein and I am from Myanmar I work in IT industry for 8 years and I am working as andriod developer for 2 years. I participated and invested in some icos and crypto assets since 2016.

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    Hi everyone. I am Anwar from India. Passionate about digital ecosystem and internet of everything .. distributed ledger/storage/computing. Trying to begin the blockchain journey at the abstraction level and dive deep into specifics. As a continuous Lerner I believe in learning by doing and a vision for  disrruptive innovations. Look forward to be part of the blockchain community. Thanks.

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    Pujan Vakharia
    Pujan Vakharia

    Hi, I’m Pujan. I recently came to understand the scope of blockchain beyond currency. I’m stunned by the possibility and the potential of disruption this tech can bring to us. You can call it fomo, but I’m here to grasp the complete ins and outs of smart contracts and ICOs and put this tech to some good use as soon as possible.I realized earlier through McKinsey and IBM insights that the short term leverage blockchain can have on industry is through cost cutting. I want to get a hold of solidity and smart contracts and see these alternatives in action by myself. Come up with solutions that can show results in short term, and start generating value. Looking Forward. 

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    Giulio Pinnola

    Hi! My name is Giulio. I’m a Physician (a researcher) and I don’t have any knowledge of Blockchain or Bitcoin. I hope to acquire knowledge in that area and how to implement it in Medicine, especially in research.

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    Christopher Tso

    Hi, my name is Christopher. I live in Australia. I’m a chartered accountant and business analyst in corporate for 10 years, mostly spending time building financial models and software apps (mostly in C#, Java, Angular, SQL, etc). I left my corporate job 12 months ago and co-founded a SaaS company that’s being used by crypto traders. I’m researching potential applications for the technology behind bitcoin, and how it applies to my business and career.

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    George Lugo

    Hi my name is George Lugo and I am a software salesman currently learning C#, C++, Python, Swift, SQL, and solidity. I have a rough basis of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I am looking forward to learning blockchain and possibly land a really great high paying job 

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    Hi, my name is Tinashae. I am new to all this. I work in healthcare field.  While surfing the net I came across Blockgeeks. So I am here to learn about it and  challenge myself to be a developer and  to help others like myself.

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    Abhishek tiwari
    Abhishek tiwari

    Hi,Myself Abhishek Tiwari currently working in an Education sector as an Entrepreneur and mainly interested in changing many things possibly help in boosting up the sector in India. Have many ideas lined up and with the help of Blockchain it is possible to take it to another league. Therefore working on the coding part to improve my skills related to Coding.  

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    Miebi Biakpara

    hello I am MIEBI LARRY BIAKPARA i am proudly Nigerian I suspect I am old for this adventure, but sometimes I feel like Peter Pan. my country is known for fraud and I think I can use blockchain to change that. I have a great idea, so I need a team to work with. I hope I will have a great time learning here. can’t wait

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    Miebi Biakpara

    I forgot to add, I don’t anything about coding, but I have taken a course on blockchain in UDEMY

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    Christopher Oliver

    I’m Christopher Oliver from the Bahamas here to learn blockchain to develop my island for membership. 

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    Emmanuel Omakor

    Am Emmanuel Omakor, I new to programming I have little Idea about programming. Please any one with good programming skills can help me out. 

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    fred woolard

    Freddie Woolard and I am an 82 year old man that has had to go back to work to sustain myself in todays econemy and I think bitcoin is going to be globel and I want in as early as posssible. I have been in management for 30 years and I think I can contribute to the growth of this new money concept.

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    Ganesh Bhat

    Hi,I am Ganesh and am working as a Digital Transformation consultant with a Manufacturing company based in India. I have 12+ years of experience working in multiple industries.I have exposure to Ethereum and Hyperledger from conceptual perspective and looking forward to learn to build Blockchain networks

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    Nwabueze Chukwunyere

    Hello My Name is Nwabueze and I am a software developer with extensive experience with EMR implementation . Presently trying to build safekoin as a digital currency exchange platform. I amNiherian but reside in Houston Texas.

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    Hi Dipti here and I am a software developer. After internet and cloud, blockchain seems to be a new era. Excited to know more about this new upcoming technology. 

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    Chizuko Hosaka

    Hi Blockgeekers, I’m Chi.  I’ve been working for IT/Software industry as a DBA and Sys Admin for over 15 years. I would like to learn more about blockchain and hopefully get into this new thing when it’s still growing.  Thanks! 

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    Lebogang Mpotsang

    Hi,My name is Lebogang Mpotsang, from Kimberley, South Africa. I’ve been in information systems for more than 15 years during which i was a programmer and later went into business intelligence technologies, ‘am curious about blockchain and have a keen interest in alternative finance technologies in the South African market. I would like to gain more about blockchain and make it useful in the context of finance.

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    Wf Steven Chia

    ameer RosicMy name is Steven and has been working in engineering.  This year has interested in software engineering and started a learning algorithms. I would also like to know more of blockchain technology and seems will be a future tech for the industry. Hope to learn from all.  Thank you.