ameer Rosic
ameer Rosic 1 hour ago

Welcome to Blockgeeks. Please introduce yourself

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    Nirjhar Tiwari 5 days ago
    This is Nirjhar  from India,I am a   Senior Developer, I was working in IT industry from past 6 years , my skills includes : C#, Windows, Javascript, Angular 2/4 , ReactJs.  

    Nirjhar Tiwari

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    Jeremy Ovia 3 days ago
    Hi Jeremy here.  I’ve been in the IT industry professionally for around 5 years and work mostly on server side & networking infrastructure.  I do also have a working programming knowledge in Front-End dev and a bit of back-end.  

    I guess i’m looking to try my hand at a new industry and see where this journey takes me.


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    ameer Rosic
    ameer Rosic 3 days ago
    Welcome @Jeremy! 
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    Kolade AKOSILE 3 days ago
    I am Akosile olugbenga I have been a banker for 12years in my country Nigeria, I want to understand what block chain technology is all about and to understand what I can contribute to the banking industry in my country. I have learnt thus far that block chain technology has come to stay and it is the future.
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    Tamil Murugesan 3 days ago
    Hi there, I’m Tamil Murugesan. Basically I’m UNIX/LINUX admin, but i ran small web development company for 6 years. Now it comes to an end, I’m trying to find a way to have a break again. Hope learning Blockchain will make that happen.


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    John Crockett 3 days ago

    Hi everyone,I’m John Crockett, Co-founder and COO of Blockchain Consultants, Inc. (BCI).  I have a 38 year career in IT/IS Management mostly at the C-level, and have been involved in crypto/blockchain since 2009.  BCI assists clients in building disruptive new workflows made possible by blockchain tech.

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    Zephirin Djoufack Tansaa 3 days ago
    Hi dears, I’m Zeph! Teacher, I’m proposing to create a group of Blockchain developers in Cameroon. We are facing a financial difficulties mainly on paying our trainings program on blockgeeks platform.
    May you know an organism that can give us a hand through scholarships?
    Best regards
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    Bhavin Sen
    Bhavin Sen 2 days ago
    Hello There,

    My self is Bhavin Sen and I have more than five years of experience in Full Stack developing. Currently, I am working as Freelancer full stack developer. As I have left my past job to new challenges and opportunity. 


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    JohnRobinson 1 day ago

    My name is John M Robinson and, I am the owner or e-Wave Exploration, L.P. (e-Wave) and RARE Technology (RARE). e-Wave is an O&G exploration company and RARE is a novel geophysical company with 18 patents.I need advise and assistance in the formation of an ICO for funding of both companies. Are you interested in assisting my efforts?  

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    stevesussman 1 day ago

    I am Steve Sussman. I am a C-level consultant with 35 years in spend management including IT at CSC, TCS, D&B and Ariba. I program in Python and Tensorflow (level5) and have operational / concept knowledge of BitCoin and Blockchain. I intend to apply Blockchain to spend management and supply chain (standard and IoT) (go to market strategy and ops).  My programming skills were invested to help develop a better understanding where B/Chain and play in the procurement and supply chain space.

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    Desia Yamese Clements Lewis 1 hour ago
    Greetings, I am Desia Yamese Clements Lewis, and a new developer with determined interest to partner and collaborate with other brilliant minds. I enjoy research, connecting the dots to the source, creating bonds with all nationalities, creating innovative ways to build opulent solutions to common problems. Being fortunate to live in the era of IoT . Being able to finally be amongst proactive thinkers seeking teamwork with integrity is valuable. Therefore I am no longer a lone ranger (lol). The motivation behind being here is due to unique projects  that require selective masterminds for sustainable growth for launch. The concept behind Block Chain  is irrefutable. Not only to stakeholders, shareholders, but to consumers as well. We are the blue prints that are vital (and for a long time overlooked by many large companies) to beautiful architectural structures. Being a benefactor and contributing asset of flourishing economies. ..Freaking Awesome