Alex Kozin

Quiz question

So I found the tests really frustrating.
1) Q1 – according to the Solidity documentation, address types serve as a base for all contracts. Why can’t address resemble a contract, only user address?

2) Q2 – this.balance is an outdated syntax, even the lesson in the video uses a new version of it, it is unfair to be tested on the code chunks that are outdated and generate warnings (and which are not covered in the lesson).

3) Q7 – there’s a small typo ‘dd’ instead of ‘Add’

4) Most of the questions I had to google myself. It was, of course, interesting to learn, but with not much documentation and ambiguity on forums, it is sometimes hard to tell if the person really knows the answer or just answers as he/she thinks it works.

Hope the next person won’t be that frustrated if you could take these things into consideration. Thank you!