Gene Smith

Not a question, but a note re: Github and the Rinkeby Authenticated Faucet

We can no longer use Github Gist to authenticate our test Ethereum addresses. Have to use Twitter. Google+, or Facebook (um, maybe don’t use Facebook).


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    Scott Smith

    Maybe this is the same thing ? Does anyone have a solution ?
    going thru ETH101 -> Introduction -> Send Transactions -> 7:20+ mark can’t replicate Gist creation of Public Address something has got to be missing I’ve gone thru it a bunch of times even slowing down the speed, Please Help !!

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    Fabio Ricci

    Please be so kind (BLOCKGEEKS) and UPDATE all this content and all the todo in order for us newbies to learn things AS THEY ARE instead AS THEY WERE … Yes? No?

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    Chris J

    This course needs to be updated. I found some issues last video too.