Mayur Relekar 4 months ago

Lotion JS install issue

Hi, I keep having the following issue when trying to install lotion via npm
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    Niloo Ravaei
    Niloo Ravaei 4 months ago
    Hi Mayur, 

    We are creating a virtual environment that students can download with all the dependencies on it, so you don’t have to worry about  setting up your own environment. We are going to launch this environment this week! 

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    Ben 4 months ago
    My installation went fine, but an attempt to run encounters the following error:

    TypeError: app.listen is not a function.
         at Object …

    The .json file is indicating “lotion”: “^0.2.3”

    and no updates or upgrades are changing that.  The node-modules appear to be fine.  Also tried node with “node init” exec.

    Even followed instruction in lotionjs.com to no avail.