Conrey Hanson
Conrey Hanson 4 months ago

Issue with Installing Broswerify

How do I go about installing Browserify.  I am not sure where to go into a terminial or bash or whatever. How do i get there? or get it. I am sucessfully install node js
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    Niloo Ravaei
    Niloo Ravaei 4 months ago
    Hi Conrey,

    We are going to launch a virtual environment on Blockgeeks which you can download and have all the dependencies installed. This way you can follow the course material without worrying about installing the dependencies – we will launch this environment by the end of the week for you to use 🙂 

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    Tinashae 4 months ago
    That will be great. I tried downloading it  was not making any headway

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    Evangelos Voultepsis 3 months ago
    Im having issues, I downloaded the virtualbox but im getting error vagrant command not found 🙁