Fabio Ricci 7 months ago

Develop Ontology Backup App behind existing Web App?

Dear community,

After having completed the first two courses, I am trying to figure out how to build a web application using ethereum which stores a text (an ontology) under an eth user and retrieve that on demand. Since this feature is practically a “back up” feature of another existing web application, I ask here how to shape this application working on ethereum and how to get the “ether” (the gas) necessary for storing contract once and the ontologies once they come from the existing web application. Do we need to buy some “ether” exchanging real money (or let the existing web application users do that) or is there a way to bybass that real purchase, for instance issuing an own ethereum network on an own server which is not the ethereum production server but has de-facto the same in functionality and is not target to be cracked… ?

Thank you for any idea here!!!
Kind regards

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    Fabio Ricci 7 months ago
    As a further hint: The application I am considering for a connection with eth is my application: https://skosshuttle.ch – there it might be needed to store a specific state of a thesaurus in a blockchain and recall it at need. (e.g. a snapshot) …