Ben 4 months ago

Curious setting for PEER0_ORG1_CA at 4m50s.

At about 4:50 into the video, you are setting Org1’s Peer0 certificate.  The following is displayed:

root … peer#  export PEER0_ORG1_CA=/opt/gopath/src/github.com/hyperledger/fabric/peer/crypto/peerOrganizations/org2.example.com/peers/peer0.org2.example.com/tls/ca.crt

Why is the Peer0 Org1 Certificate being set using org2.example info?  Later on, at about 9m into the video, you run the “peer chaincode invoke …” command and it works.  My command worked as well.  Is that correct since we’re using the org2.example information in our settings?

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    Niloo Ravaei
    Niloo Ravaei 4 months ago
    Hi Ben, 

    This is an error – We should have stored Org1’s data, not Org2’s. The reason the command worked is because both Orgs had permissions to invoke chaincode. So we effectively invoked our chanicode from Org2, but since Org2 is part of the network and allowed to invoke chaincode, the command worked.