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Very good course. The instructor does a fantastic job in laying out how this technology will discrupt many industries and how crypto-economics will be inclusive. 

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    One of the fundamental principles of researchers from essay writing service UK is the idea that the crypto-economy should be inclusive. Traders with the resources they need to make intelligent and informed decisions should have access to professional-grade tools to implement their strategies in accordance with common sense rules.

    Also, I believe that the trading environment – for any asset – should be fair and transparent. Traders should be treated equally and exchanges should not offer information, technology, delay, or other benefits to the highest bidder, certainly not without disclosing those benefits to other participants.

    As a matter of principle, I believe that all people deserve the same opportunity to trade an asset, provided that they have the opportunity to learn and learn about the risks inherent in trading them.

    With this in mind, under no circumstances should one segment of traders be unduly discriminated against and disabled while another is allowed to trade at their expense.

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