Start Here: Weekly Q&A Mentorship

Start Here: Weekly Q&A Mentorship

taught by Haseeb Rabbani
Haseeb Rabbani
Haseeb Rabbani
Blockgeeks Devangelist

About the Instructor

Haseeb is a software engineer and blockchain devangelist from the University of Waterloo. When not thinking about the future of Dapps, you can find him sharing his love of food, art and travelling. Haseeb brings several years of web and mobile development experience working with companies like Amazon and Viacom.

Weekly Live discussion and Q&A. Please put your comment in the discussion section so we can answer your question the best, 

Course Contents

3 Videos

Course Curriculum

Week of October 20th 2017
Week of October 30th 2017
Week of Nov 6th 2017