Workshop: zk-STARKs Overview with Quantstamp

Workshop: zk-STARKs Overview with Quantstamp

Jan Gozny
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zk-STARKs Overview with Quantstamp: Overview

Jan Gorzny, a blockchain researcher at Quantstamp, explains zk-STARKs, or zero-knowledge Scalable Transparent Arguments of Knowledge. Jan goes through an easy to understand overview of how they work, what applications they may be used for, and how they can be deployed on the blockchain!

zk-STARKs Overview with Quantstamp: Audience 

Anyone interested in the inner-workings 

zk-STARKs Overview with Quantstamp: Prerequisites 



Jan Gozny
Jan Gozny Author

Blockchain researcher at Quantstamp. Jan is a Ph.D candidate at the University of Waterloo. His research interests include complexity theory, software verification and formal methods, discrete mathematics, and blockchain technologies.


zk-STARKS Overview with Jan from Quantstamp

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