Workshop: What is Polkadot and How Does It Work?

Workshop: What is Polkadot and How Does It Work?

Amer Ameen
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In this course, Amer walks you through what the Polkadot blockchain is and how it works-- while specifically focusing on Substrate and Gossamer, a pair of tools that streamline blockchain creation. You’ll learn some of the key differences between Ethereum and Polkadot, as well as how frameworks like Substrate and Gossamer can make custom blockchain creation easier and more secure.



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Amer Ameen
Amer Ameen Author

Amer Ameen is the Technical Product Manager and ChainSafe Systems. Currently, he’s learning through projects that build and leverage Web 3.0. He’s also eagerly connecting with passionate individuals and organizations in Toronto and the global blockchain ecosystem. Amer is passionate about blockchain’s ability to bring more freedom and fairness to society.


What is Polkadot  and How Does It Work?

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