Blockchain Use Cases

Blockchain Use Cases

Niloo Ravaei
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Overview: Blockchain Use Cases

 Blockchain is often referred to as a disruptive technology but what industries have blockchain affected?  In this blockchain course, students learn about different blockchain real-life use-cases. 

We focus on the use of blockchain:

  • blockchain in finance
  • supply chain
  • identity management,
  • real estate industries. 

Prerequisites: Blockchain Use Cases


Audience: Blockchain Use Cases 

This blockchain course is perfect for professionals who are curious as to how blockchain could affect their industry. 





Niloo Ravaei
Niloo Ravaei Author

Instructor @ Blockgeeks


Blockchain Use Cases

  • Awesome Lesson

    If you are eager to learn how blockchain works and how it might change our daily life, then this course will definitely enlighten you and give you an idea of how blockchain can ease our daily lives. Great course. I might review it from time to time.

  • Paresh J
    Good coverage

    A very good overview of use cases in finance, identity management, supply-chain and real estate sectors

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