Advanced Blockchain Concepts

Advanced Blockchain Concepts

Jack Wu
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Advanced Blockchain Concepts: Overview

A key blockchain course for those who want to learn blockchain at a deeper level.  This blockchain course explores key cryptocurrency and blockchain concepts such as consensus attacks, mining pools, and Segwit. Students will also gain a thorough understanding of Ethereum Gas.

Advanced Blockchain Concepts: Audience

Students who already have a basic understanding of Blockchain technology

Advanced Blockchain Concepts: Prerequisites 

Cryptoeconomics 101 

Advanced Blockchain Concepts: Learning Objectives

Go in deep into the world of blockchain with

  • Consensus Attacks
  • Mining Pools
  • Segwit
  • Understanding Ethereum Gas




Jack Wu
Jack Wu Author

Instructor @ Blockgeeks

Niloo Ravaei
Niloo Ravaei Author

Instructor @ Blockgeeks


Advanced Concepts

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