Workshop: How Money Stays Stable 04/03/18

Workshop: How Money Stays Stable 04/03/18

Niloo Ravaei by Niloo Ravaei
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In this webinar, we'll dive deeper into how money works, and how a currency stays stable over time. We'll look at how the law of supply and demand works to determine the price and quantity of goods and services in an economy, as well as the role central banks play in controlling the supply of a currency. These concepts are the building blocks for understanding how a cryptocurrency like the Dai can achieve stability.


Niloo Ravaei
Niloo Ravaei Author

Niloo has helped FinTech startups in Toronto and San Francisco scale into some of the biggest players in the space. She is a voracious learner with a knack for explaining complex concepts in simple terms. When she’s not exploring the latest advancements in blockchain technology, she helps Toronto-based charities use technology to streamline their operations.


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