Understanding Cryptocurrency Market Fundamentals

Understanding Cryptocurrency Market Fundamentals

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Understanding Cryptocurrency Market Fundamentals: Overview 

In this course, David walks you through all the basics of cryptocurrency markets. Ever wondered what market cap means? What liquidity is, and how it affects token prices? What is a coin’s circulating supply, and what does that mean for the network? We’ll answer all of those questions and more in this beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency markets.

Understanding Cryptocurrency Market Fundamentals: Audience

Anyone interested in cryptocurrency investing!

Understanding Cryptocurrency Market Fundamentals: Prerequisites

Exploring Blockchain Principles 




David Raizman Author

David has been involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2012, starting with an industrial mining operation which taught him the inner workings of Bitcoin - his comprehensive analysis of ICO’s and protocols since the inception of ICOs coupled with his lifetime of business building experience and advisory/investment roles in a plethora of successful tech and blockchain companies gives him a unique angle into understanding what makes a business and a technology tick. David currently invests in disruptive technology and works with the Government of Barbados in developing a sustainable creative economy.


Understanding Cryptocurrency Market Fundamentals