Proof of Stake 101

Proof of Stake 101

Amira Bouguera
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The goal of this course is to understand proof of stake consensus model, how it works, which blockchains are using it using it and why? and what are the advantages of using it instead of proof of work?

Proof of Stake 101: Audience

Anyone interested in DeFi

Proof of Stake 101: Prerequisites


In this course you’ll learn:

  • Learn what is a blockchain and how it works?
  • Consensus mechanism and fault tolerance property
  • Proof of stake (validators, block proposers, slashing and rewards mechanism)
  • What is proof of work? (what is mining and miners?) Proof of stake vs Proof of work (advantages and disadvantages)
  • The standardisation of proof of stake in different blockchains including Ethereum



Amira Bouguera
Amira Bouguera Author


Proof of Stake 101

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