Introduction to Web 3.0

Introduction to Web 3.0

Sergey Simanovsky
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Introduction to Web 3.0: Overview

Web 3.0 is the new world being ushered in with the evolution of decentralized technologies. Sergey walks you through what amazing innovations and benefits this new world can bring, as well as what went wrong with Web 2.0. You’ll learn the basics of web protocols, how they interact, and where the major issues are in those interactions. Then you’ll cover potential solutions in Web 3.0, as well as some exciting projects emerging today.

Introduction to Web 3.0: Audience

Anyone interested in learning how the internet has evolved. 

Introduction to Web 3.0: Prerequisites 


Introduction to Web 3.0: Afterwards

Check out the Blockchain Ecosystem track 



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Sergey Simanovsky
Sergey Simanovsky Author

Sergey is the CEO and founder of Blocksult, a consulting company that aims to help open-source and decentralized projects.


Understanding the Foundation

Current Problems and Solutions

Building a Better Future

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