Intro to AION

Intro to AION

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Intro to AION: Overview

 Learn about the Aion network and how it enables the transfer of data and value across disparate blockchains. Understand the Aion hub-and-spoke model, as well as how to migrate your existing Ethereum smart contracts to the Aion-1 blockchain

Intro to AION: Audience

Developers interested in building blockchain-agnostic applications

Intro to AION: Prerequisites

CE101, BTC101 and ETH101 recommended

Intro to AION: Learning Objectives

At the end of the course students should be able to: Explain what the Aion hub-and-spoke model is and how it works Understand how to migrate their existing dApps to the Aion network Use the Aion development tools to build scalable apps

Intro to AION:  Syllabus

Introduction What is Aion? How can blockchains communicate using Aion? What is the FastVM? What are Aion bridges? Coding Getting started with Aion development tools Migrating Ethereum smart contracts to Aion Testing Deployment




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