Intermediate Blockchain Concepts

Intermediate Blockchain Concepts

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 Intermediate Blockchain Concepts: Overview

In this blockchain course, we pick up where we left off in Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. We’ll take the concepts we learned in that course-- what is blockchain, what are transactions, what are wallets-- and we’ll expand on them to give you a more clear picture of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. You’ll learn how decentralized networks achieve consensus, what a node is, and what a node does. Then we’ll talk in-depth about hashing, and how it can be used to increase security and efficiency. Finally, we tie it all together and explore what a Decentralized Application is, how blockchains work beyond value transfer, and what the benefits of that are. 

 Intermediate Blockchain Concepts: Audience

Anyone with basic level cryptocurrency and blockchain understanding that wants to take their learning a step deeper.

Intermediate Blockchain Concepts:  Prerequisities

Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency  



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Key Concepts

Expanding on Consensus Protocols

Expanding on Decentralized Applications 

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