HL102: The Fabric Network

HL102: The Fabric Network

Niloo Ravaei
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In this course, we’ll dive deeper into the Hyperledger Fabric network. We’ll learn how the different entities on the network communicate, and learn how to implement different network configurations, upgrade network components and work with private data.


System administrators and developers interested in a practical guide on how to manage a Hyperledger Fabric network.


Blockchain Fundamentals (CE101, BTC101 and ETH101)

HL101: Intro to Hyperledger

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course students should be able to:

  • Add an organization to a Hyperledger Fabric Network
  • Upgrade components in a Hyperledger Fabric Network
  • Use private data within a Hyperledger Fabric Network


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Niloo Ravaei
Niloo Ravaei Author

Instructor @ Blockgeeks


Adding an Organization to a Channel   

Using Private Data in Fabric

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