Developing on Neo

Developing on Neo

Maksim Strenk
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As the most developer-friendly platform, Neo is supporting a global dApp ecosystem with its comprehensive suite of tools and resources to empower anyone from anywhere in the world to join Neo’s vision of a smart economy. Learn how to connect to Neo blockchain, write a token contract and build the first dapp. Understand Neo’s unique consensus mechanism and why you don’t have to learn a language to develop on Neo.


Developers interested in doing blockchain development without having to learn new languages


Basic python recommended

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the course students should be able to:

  • Connect to Neo blockchain with Neo-GUI or Neo-CLI wallet

  • Write a NEP5 token contract and deploy it

  • Build the first simple dapp using Neon-js.



Maksim Strenk
Maksim Strenk Author

Maksim enjoys developing on Neo and Ethereum blockchains. He codes in Python, С and Solidity. He studied backend development, databases and network administration for his bachelors. In his free time he enjoys Linux administration and DevOps.


Theory of blockchain

Neo basics

Neo first coding steps

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