DeFi Trading 101

DeFi Trading 101

Jeremy Guzman
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This course is to serve as a progression from the previous DeFi introductory course. As the student continues to dive into decentralized finance, he/she will experience complex protocols that will optimize one's ability to earn, store, and interact with various platforms seen throughout the Ethereum landscape.

Per the lessons that follow, the goal is to expose students to multiple sub-sections within DeFi: Savings, Investing, Real-Time Payments, and Asset Management. Each lesson will be categorized as such.

DISCLAIMER: Please understand that these lessons are not to be misinterpreted, nor mistaken, as financial advice. In fact, this course, as well as courses prior, are to demonstrate how-to interact with the included protocols.

DeFi Trading Course: Audience

Anyone interested in DeFi

DeFi Trading Course: Prerequisites

DeFi 101

In this course you’ll learn:

  • Savings
  • Investing
  • Real-Time Payments
  • Asset Management.



Jeremy Guzman
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DeFi Savings

DeFi Investing

DeFi Real-time Payments 

DeFi Asset Management