Creating a blockchain game with NFTs

Creating a blockchain game with NFTs

Dziugas Butkus
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Learn how to create a Dapp from scratch: from solidity code to React application with web3.js.


Anyone interested in building blockchain game with NFT on React.


  • Beginner/Intermediate understanding of javascript
  • Beginner knowledge of solidity

In this course you’ll learn:

  • Write smart contracts with Solidity
  • Connect your smart contracts to already deployed ones, ex: CryptoKitties
  • Use OpenZeppelin library
  • Testing smart contracts with Truffle
  • Deploying smart contracts to test networks
  • Using web3.js and calling your smart contract functions
  • Connect Metamask to your react application and interact with the smart contract.


Dziugas Butkus
Dziugas Butkus Author

Dziugas is a co-founder and CEO of SmartDeFi. He previously architected and implemented blockchain infrastructure for Spectrum USA, currently servicing 30 million users in 41 states. He developed curriculum and is currently teaching blockchain course CS458 at Colorado State University to master and senior students. Previously CEO of Heroes of Ether blockchain game, software engineer for one of the first decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges and directly contributed in raising $5M for an ICO.


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