ConsenSys Academy: Libra Master Class

ConsenSys Academy: Libra Master Class

Coogan Brennan
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ConsenSys Academy: Libra Master Class-  Overview

Governments and citizens alike want to know how Facebook—or any corporate entity entrusted with user data and privacy—can be trusted with the responsibility and power of developing and maintaining a cryptocurrency. Since the announcement of the Libra project in June 2019, there's been a tremendous amount of discussion. Join us for an analysis of the developments, and a deep dive into just what Libra is, how it fits into the broader blockchain ecosystem, and what it could mean for the global economy.  

**NOTE: This material is rapidly evolving, particularly around Libra Association membership. We have reflected that as best we can throughout the course.**

ConsenSys Academy: Libra Course - Prerequisites


ConsenSys Academy: Libra Course - Objectives

After this course, the student should be able to: 


  • Trace the emergence of blockchain initiatives from Facebook and the role of David Marcus 
  • Be able to name the three distinct areas that make up the Libra Ecosystem
  • Be able to describe the three roles of the Libra Association
  • Be able to describe the different actors in the Libra Network
  • Name and explain the difficulties in discussing Calibra
  • Describe the make-up of the Libra Reserve
  • Describe the two main methods Libra Coin is created
  • Describe the role of authorized resellers


  • Be able to compare and contrast Libra proposal with Eth 2.0 proposal
  • Describe LibraBFT model
  • Describe how the Move programming language compares to Rust and why
  • Describe Unique Ownership and how it fits into the larger Libra schema
  • Describe First Class Resources, including their privileges and who has access to creating them.

Optional Technical Workshop:

Be able to boot up and run the Libra Core software on their computer. Create two accounts, request Libra Coin from the testnet, query state, have one account send Libra Coin to the other account.






Coogan Brennan
Coogan Brennan Author

Coogan Brennan is an American developer, researcher and technical trainer, American Head of Education at ConsenSys, an Ethereum blockchain focused company and one of the main blockchain companies in the world. Coogan discovered blockchain while working as a self-taught tailor in Charlottesville, Virginia at the start of the Bitcoin craze. Since then, he's fallen deeper into the world of cryptography, peer-to-peer networking and distributed programming.Coogan has commits on the Go-Ethereum client codebase—one of the main blockchain networking programs—and develops blockchain curricula ranging from beginner to advanced.


Libra Ecosystem Non-Technical Overview  

Libra Ecosystem Non-Technical Deep Dive

Libra Technical Analysis and Comparison 

Installing Libra

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