Basic Solidity Course

Basic Solidity Course

by Stu Peters
  • 33 Videos


Solidity course prepares you to design, construct and manage enduring systems of Smart Contracts entrusted with significant value. We unfold essential knowledge and patterns you can use to confidently design and build your signature system.

You will gain valuable insights into common mistakes Solidity developers make. You’ll be able to spot errors, security issues and oversights in unfamiliar code quickly and effortlessly because you’ll know exactly what patterns to look for; patterns that should always be present, and patterns that should never be present.


  • Acquainted with HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • "Survival" level Linux skills

No previous experience with Ethereum Smart Contracts is required. Every line of code is explained: What it does, how it does it, and importantly: the underlying principles behind the structure of the examples. The concepts presented are supported by curated suggested reading. Easily digestible principles and practices with hands-on application in a realistic project provides context for curated reference materials.

Students are given a pre-configured virtual machine with all tools configured and ready to go. Your personal environment will match the instruction precisely:

  • Saves days of setup time
  • Avoids version and setup quirks that interfere with the purpose of the training
  • Ensures a positive and complete experience with a productive development environment


  • Experienced Developers who are new to Solidity

Course Objectives

  • Align your thinking with the unique properties of this platform
  • Clearly understand common design patterns and recognize when to use them
  • Habitually and effortlessly observe Best Practices in your code, by deeply understanding how the patterns work and the protection they offer
  • Learn how to quickly and easily recognize security risks in unfamiliar source code
  • Understand precise implications of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, instantly recognize feasible use-cases and confidently design scalable applications
  • Learn how to address long-term operational and maintenance concerns including administrative control and software upgrades.
  • Understand the competing objectives inherent in all Smart Contract projects, understand the options available and know how to clearly communicate the choices to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.


Stu Peters Author

Stu Peters is the Chief Technical Officer of ChainSafe Systems; an intuitive user centric systems design firm based in Toronto, Canada. Stu has years of experience in the Blockchain space, his main focus is on the use of smart contracts in everyday life. ||


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  • i wanna make this course
    By Stu Peters

    i an a physician working with blockchain opportunities but i have no idea about this or other language of coding. Is this course for me? or i need to study before?

  • Solidity basics
    By thorfriis1

    Enjoyed the course. Stu's presentation was clear and and easy to follow. The code worked and didn't cause any major compilation dramas. Still appreciate there is much to learn when it comes to programming smart contracts but this introduction hasn't put me off continuing the learning process. But where's the diploma at the completion of the course?

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