You’ve taken the courses, passed the quizzes, you’ve worked on your own personal projects and mastered the Blockchain Fundamentals; Crypto-economics, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The time has come for you to take the exam and enter the job market as a Blockgeeks Verified Blockchain Developer. This fully comprehensive exam ensures that students have both the technical skills and theoretical understanding essential for a successful career in blockchain development.

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5 hour, 2 part Exam


  • 3 Hours: Multiple Choice/True or False/ Short Answer


  • 2.5 Hours: Coding Section

The whole exam must be completed in 24 hours. The first portion of the exam can be split up into three, 1-hour segments; each hour covering a different chapter.

Why Take this Exam:


    1) Immutable proof of technical blockchain development skills


Students who have the skills to pass this exam (90 Percent and higher) will receive a personal non-fungible ERC-721 token that will identify them as a Blockgeeks Verified Blockchain Developer.

  2) Kickstart Your Career

Gain a competitive advantage in a fast-growing industry. Get help with job placement, career counseling and special access to our hiring partners.

  3) Behind the Scenes Access

Blockdegree Alumni stay in the loop and ahead of the game with an exclusive newsletter tailored for blockchain engineers. Stay up to date with blockchain news, access to webinars hosted by industry professionals, and early bird, discounted tickets to blockchain events internationally.