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Are you experiencing information overload? Or worse yet, you want to learn but just have no time to sort through all the noise?


You’ve come to the right spot. This accelerator provides clarity on key legal issues facing blockchain companies.

TIME 2 Weeks
5 Hours/Week
Consisting of: 30 min Q & A each week
Office hours on Discord (Our Community)
CLASSROOM OPENS February 11th, 2019

What’s in the Blockchain Regulations Accelerated Program?


Learn about regulatory issues most important to blockchain stakeholders, including service providers, token projects, developers, exchanges, and investors.


Learn about the differences between security and network tokens, and what's next for both.


Learn about guidance from key regulators and policymakers that every blockchain project needs to know.


Let an insider teach you about the blockchain business ecosystem, the role of lawyers and operations people, and how to break into the industry.


Week 1

Blockchain Tokens, Raising Capital and Securities Laws

  • Introduction to course and concepts
  • Regulation of network and securities tokens
  • Overview of key regulations, regulators, and policymakers
  • Network Tokens (aka: Utility Tokens)
  • Smart Securities
  • Airdrops
  • Raising capital in the blockchain ecosystem
  • Working in the blockchain ecosystem
  • Simple Agreements for Future Tokens (SAFTs)
  • Strategies for securities compliant public token sales
Week 2

Key Concepts for Blockchain Companies and Lawyers

  • How lawyer and operations people can find clients and careers in the blockchain industry
  • Privacy
  • Intellectual property
  • Non-fungible tokens
  • Taxation
  • The state of blockchain regulation in noteworthy jurisdictions
  • How to work with blockchain companies as in-house counsel
  • How to work with blockchain companies as external counsel
Instructor Connor Spelliscy This course is led by Connor Spelliscy, formerly a tech and securities lawyer at a Seven Sisters firm in Toronto, who left his practice to run a private sale for a Polychain Capital portfolio company. Connor co-founded the Blockchain Association - the leading industry association in blockchain - which brings together the industry’s top investors, exchanges, and projects, including: Coinbase, Circle, Polychain Capital, Hangar Capital, Digital Currency Group, Protocol Labs, Z-Cash, and others. Connor continues to navigate legal and business issues with cryptocurrency projects through his work at Hangar and Zeppelin. He also educates others about the blockchain space at events and on Bloomberg.

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Is This Program for You?

This course is not suitable for technology professionals seeking to gain deeper understanding of blockchain technology implementation or programming level depth. If you are looking for developer accelerated programs, please check out our Ethereum and Hyperledger programs.

Disclaimer: Blockchain regulation varies substantially based on the jurisdiction(s) in which a project is operating. Blockchain projects should always consult attorneys in their jurisdiction(s) for legal advice. The content provided in this course is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

We are also limiting the spots in the program to 30 people this semester. We do this in order to make sure every student succeeds in the program. Course starts in 2019.

No, this program was made specifically for non-technical people.

The program costs $599

Upon completetion of the program, you get a non-fungible personalized token proving you're a verified Blockgeeks pro if you pass all projects.

Yes, Blockgeeks Alumni receive 20% discounts and special access to additional content and events.

No. Everything you need for the program is provided.

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