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What is blockchain and how can I use it in my business?


Are you getting information overload? Or worse yet, you want to learn but just have no time to sort through all the noise online?


Well you’ve come to the right spot. Our Accelerated Program for non-technical people has no pre-requisites; This course is specifically designed for non-technical business executives who are new to blockchain and are tasked with making business decisions about leveraging blockchain technology in their businesses.


4 Weeks
Consisting of:
  • Week 1 Fundamentals
  • Week 2 Blockchain Landscape
  • Week 3 Enterprise Use Cases
  • Week 4 The Future of Blockchains


January 7th, 2019



What’s in the Blockchain for Business Accelerated Program?


Learn about the various applications of blockchains, including DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) and ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings)


Learn how blockchain can apply to the Retail, Finance and Healthcare industries


Learn what to look for when hiring a blockchain developer, consultant, or any other kind of expert


Architect an enterprise blockchain solution for your industry


  • How blockchains leverage peer-to-peer networks
  • How economic incentives enable transactions in a trustless environment
  • How consensus algorithms work to ensure data integrity in a decentralized network
  • How private and public chains differ
  • When to use a public vs. private chain
  • History of Bitcoin and the problems it aims to solve
  • How Ethereum was founded, and the problem it aims to solve
  • Private solutions like Hyperledger, and how they differ from public solutions
  • Main tools currently making waves in the landscape, including inter-blockchain solutions and stablecoins
  • Various communities in the blockchain space and how they interact with each other
  • Various applications of blockchains, including DAOs and ICOs
  • How regulators are dealing with the legal implications of blockchain applications
  • How blockchains can make financial transactions seamless between multinational parties
  • How blockchains can help with tracking and verifying products
  • How blockchains can help with managing users’ identities between businesses, looking at real-life implementations in the financial and government sectors
  • How blockchains can facilitate seamless and secure transfer of information between medical facilities
  • How blockchains can track pharmaceutical products and ingredients
  • Biggest limitations in the industry, and what is being done to solve them
  • Identify the different players in the landscape and spot the kinds of solutions that will disruptive in the next five to ten years
  • What to look for when hiring a blockchain developer, consultant, or any other kind of expert
  • What questions to ask when considering a blockchain solution
  • Architect an enterprise blockchain solution for your industry

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Is This Program for You?

This course is not suitable for technology professionals seeking to gain deeper understanding of blockchain technology implementation or programming level depth. If you are looking for developer accelerated programs, please check out our Ethereum and Hyperledger programs.

We are also limiting the spots in the program to 30 qualified people this semester. We do this in order to make sure every student succeeds in the program. Course starts 2019.

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I have learned a great amount from the courses and webinars on Blockgeeks. It helps if you already have some basic programming skills, then you'll learn how to combine web and blockchain technology without feeling overwhelmed. It's important to really know Solidity, so watch all of the lectures and research security best practices. Once you're a bit more confident, you can earn ether bounties by sharing your ideas and code on the awesome BountyOne platform.

Mark Haines

No, this program was made specifically for non-technical people.


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