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Want to learn more about becoming a blockchain developer but don't know where to start?


Are you getting information overload and feeling overwhelmed? Or worse yet, you want to learn but just have no time to sort through all the noise online?


Well you’ve come to the right spot. Our Accelerated Program will take your basic programmer knowledge and turn you into a blockchain developer, which will help you land your dream job or better yet, give you the tools to create something great.


5 Weeks


January 15th, 2019


OOP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Git

What’s in the Ethereum Accelerated Program?


Be able to run your own ICO


Have a complete understanding of Ethereum development, blockchain, and its history


Create and deploy smart contracts


Be job ready and have built relationships with industry professionals

Curriculum and Program Outline

  • CE101: Peer to Peer Network
  • BTC101: How Bitcoin Works
  • CE101: Cryptography
  • CE101: Consensus and Mining
  • CE101: Proof of Stake
  • BTC101: Linking Blocks and Merkle Proof
  • ETH101: History of Ethereum
  • ETH101: Escrow contracts
  • ETH101: Auction contracts
  • ETH101: Election contract
  • ETH101: Parity Wallet Hack
  • ETH101: Betting contracts
  • Webinar: SpankChain Hack
  • Project: Write ERC20 and CrowdSale contracts
  • ETH102: Intro to Dapps
  • ETH102: Truffle Migrations
  • ETH102: Truffle UI
  • ETH102: Truffle JavaScript Testing
  • ETH102: Truffle Solidity Testing
  • ETH102 Truffle Deployment
  • Project: Reward point system
  • Buddy Works for CI
  • Understanding Ethereum Gas
  • Smart contract security
  • Project: Crypto-kitty Clone

Bonus Material Included

A weekly live lesson with our teachers

Direct access to teachers and dedicated support

Weekly quizzes with feedback

Weekly assignments and projects with feedback

Final Blockdegree exam (Score 90% or higher and receive a personal non-fungible ERC-721 token that will identify you as a Blockgeeks Verified Blockchain Developer)

Is This Program for You?

Due to the nature of our program, it will not be suitable for every applicant. Therefore not every applicant will be accepted into the program. We are not doing this to be mean, but we only want to save you time, money and frustrations. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you have some kind of prior programming basics, whether thats javascript, python, or something else.

We are also limiting the spots in the program to 25 qualified people this semester. We do this in order to make sure every student succeeds in the program. Course starts Jan 15th

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Lorenzo Carey

Yes, you should have some basic programming knowledge before taking this course


You get a non-fungible personalized token proving you're a Verified Blockgeeks Ethereum Developer if you pass all projects and final exam

Yes, Blockgeeks Alumni receive 20 percent discounts and speical access to additional content and events

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There are absolutely no contracts with Blockgeeks. You can cancel or pause your account at any time.

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